What to expect

My clients and I tell each other the truth as we see it.  Our truths likely change over time as we gain more insight and understanding.

My clients and I collaborate.  Many problems clients bring to me can be solved in a short time through empathic, rational discussion, or the application of proven techniques.  However, we are all the product of a long interaction between our environment and our unique selves.  Many problems require a healing relationship with a therapist over time as well as developing insight into behavior.

Many clients come to therapy with unnecessary fears about the extent of their problems.  I do not sit with my clients and nod occasionally and ask “How does that make you feel?”  I interact.  I do not believe it is necessary that clients waste precious time suffering when I could alleviate their suffering by giving them some simple information – for example, about what constitutes “normal” behavior.  It is true that most profound change occurs when clients experience great truths and insights about their lives at a deep feeling level, rather than through hearing something I say.  But state-of-the-art techniques, for example in treating anxiety, phobias and obsessive-compulsive behaviors, have been demonstrated to often be more effective than long-term traditional talk therapy.