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Ken Martin LMFT   

(CA MFT 35253)

Psychotherapy for strong hearts & minds

582 Market Street, Suite 216

San Francisco, CA 94104

415 902 4806




Who I am

I am a mature experienced therapist who traveled the world as a journalist for the London papers before going back to school and embarking on a second career.  I was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and have lived in the United States for many years.

My clients tend to be high-achieving professionals who want the best for themselves and others.  One of our goals in therapy is to identify past learning that contributes to common problems with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, job stress.  New learning helps us better understand and modify our thoughts, feelings and behavior.

I will always have much to learn from all my clients, who come from all backgrounds and cultures, but my experiences in different countries and cultures have taught me humility and respect for the people who come to me to share their lives in search of clarity and understanding.  I especially like working with veterans, for whom I have a particular respect, although often our backgrounds and political beliefs are very different.  Unfortunately, in private practice I no longer have enough opportunities to work with them.